Scent of Eros pheromone review 2021

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Scent of Eros pheromones is an okay option for a cologne for men, but the pheromones are not the strongest I have seen and tested.
The scent is nice and it makes for a good parfume, but there are other options that are simply better.

  • It has a nice scent
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There are thousands of men across the world who are struggling to attract women in their lives.

This is a serious problem since it prevents them from having a sentimental life. If you are one of these people, you can now take a sigh of relief. Pheromones are the ideal solution for you.

Pheromones are chemical signals released from the body that are primarily used to arouse sexual desires and facilitate human interaction. In other words, pheromones will make women to notice you whenever you are around them easily.

What are Pheromones?

scent of eros reviewPheromones are chemical signals produced by both animals and human beings alike for various purposes. Animals use pheromones to attract their sexual mates and mark their territories.

Human beings primarily use pheromones to attract the opposite sex by arousing their sexual desire. People also use them to get attention in general from the opposite sex. The tiny chemicals signposts that have pheromones can be found in men saliva, urine, sweat glands, and skin.

The most powerful concentrations of human pheromones are found in the genital area and the armpits.

How Do Pheromones Work?

Scientists have known it for decades that there is an organ found in the nasal cavity known as vomeronasal that detects traces of pheromones.

Some special types of nerves bypass the olfactory cortex called the ‘Nerve O,’ these nerves run from the nose all the way to the limbic region of the brain.

Researchers have found out that these nerves become active and emit some electric impulse once there are exposed to human pheromones.

pheromones really work

The vomeronasal receives pheromone signals and sends them to the limbic region of the brain via the nerves. This region is also referred to as the seat of emotions.

It controls our emotions including sexual desires. Once the brain receives the signals, it emits sexual emotions that lead to the attraction of the man emitting the pheromones.

Why Should You Use Pheromone cologne?

When it comes to attracting women through pheromones, most men are left out since their bodies do not produce the amount of pheromones that is easily noticeable by the women around them.

We bathe on a daily basis thus keeping sweat away, we apply deodorants on ourselves, and as if that is not enough we cover ourselves with clothes making natural pheromones redundant.

It is no wonder that people have now come to rely on looks for sexual attractiveness.

You can find other Pheromone cologne products here.

attract girls with pheromone oil

Pheromone parfums helps in heightening the level of natural pheromones from the body. They help you attract your potential mate using the scent that comes from them.

This means that if you apply pheromone parfum before going out anywhere, you will become a sexual magnet. One of the best pheromone parfum that will be sure to help you reap all the benefits that come with it is the Scent of Euros- Musk Fragrance.

The scent of Euros – Musk Fragrance Review

The scent of Euros for men is comprised of a potent pheromone mixture with a great musk fragrance that will be sure to help you get noticed by women.

It will help increase flirtatious behaviors from women around you whenever you wear the parfum. Women also become more attracted to the man wearing the parfum.

The scent of Euros- musk fragrance for men, is made using two primary very powerful pheromones known as androsterone and androstanol. These two hormones are said to have positive effects on women mood and sexual arousal.

This amazing product was developed by a renowned pheromone researcher known as James Vaughn Kohl. Kohl is an author of two books that talk about pheromone and their effect in human beings. The scent of Euros products are the personification of Kohl’s extensive research of the human pheromones.

It is no wonder his products are among the best in the market since they were created by someone with vast knowledge on the field.

The product is user-friendly. It comes in an easy, discrete and convenient roll-on. This makes it easy to use right from the package. You can also get this product in both scented and unscented versions.

Just a spray or two whenever you are going out will have a significant difference in the way women will treat you. You can improve your interaction with women with this incredible product especially if you have not been very lucky with women.

What is Musk?

Musk is the most commonly used raw material in making parfums. It is mostly found in some quality parfums in the market such as Scent of Euros. Its animalistic and earthy qualities help it to balance other ingredients used in making the parfum and create a fragrance that will have a long-lasting effect.

Traditionally, musk was obtained from the male musk deer. This is a small tasked animal that was found in the mountains of southern Asia. The males were said to have a gland sac the size of a golf ball that was effective in attracting a female.

People used to kill the deer, remove the sac and dry it to create a musk pod. People hunted the male musk deer to a point where they almost became extinct. Today, the musk is produced through a mixture of plant-sourced materials and synthetic.

Ingredients Use in Scent of Eros pheromones

As mentioned above, this product is made out of two powerful pheromones androsterone and androstanol. Here is a look at what each ingredient can do.

  • Androsterone – Androsterone is known to be very effective when it comes to influencing women behavior. Men who are very masculine have high levels of this pheromone. When women smell androsterone, it causes sexual arousal in them. It works best when you are in a social gathering.
  • Androstanol – There is nothing as important as the first impression.
    Therefore, if you would like to create an impressive first impression and ensure people will remember you, make them comfortable in your presence.
    Androstanol has been proven by various studies to provide this kind of comfort. In social situations and dating scenes, androstanol has been referred to as the icebreaker.
    Once you wear it, you will appear more approachable, and you will be able to leave a friendly impression. Androstanol is less intimidating and works well in stimulating conversation. It also helps in creating a feeling of romance and empathy.

scent of eros reviewWhat to expect when you use Scent of Eros pheromones

  • Elevated Mood – As men grow old, they seem to suffer from loss of sexuality and self-confidence. This is due to the reduction of pheromones production because of their age.
    Men who describe themselves as feeling less active and stressed out report an improved sense of well-being and energy once they use Scent of Euros- Musk Fragrance.
  • Confidence – Most pheromones offer some level of confidence for the person wearing them. In fact, the act of wearing pheromones usually makes people feel more confident since they will expect the opposite sex to be more attracted to them.
    However, other pheromones create this confidence themselves, even if you did not know you were wearing them. The scent of Eros pheromones contains androsterone and androstanol which can make men feel more confident, extroverted, masculine and comfortable in social situations.
  • Use pheromones to arouse your partner – Pheromone parfums can come in handy when it comes to rekindling an existing relationship.
    When your partner is not feeling well or is not in the mood you can use pheromones to make her happy and make her attracted to you more. You can do this by spraying a spray or two on her pillow. This will stimulate her sexually and make her more responsive to you.
  • Subconscious sexual attraction – Pheromones can act as prevailing promoters of sexual attraction. Human beings discharge these chemicals through perspiration, and the chemicals are subconsciously distinguished by the nose and the brain.
    About ten percent of men release androsterone in levels that are high enough to be noticed by women around them. Androsterone is a pheromone that seems to give men sex charm.
    The scent of Eros pheromones contains androsterone which helps men who release fewer quantities of androsterone become more attractive to their target women.
  • Relaxation and calmness – Some pheromones can help people feel more relaxed and calm. Androstanol has been found to have relaxing and calming effects on men. At high doses, androstanol has even been found to induce a light meditative state in the person wearing it.
  • Enhanced working relationships – Pheromones help to improve eye contact with co-workers by sending a message of confidence. It will help your co-workers smile more than usual and pay more attention to you.

Bottom Line

If you wish to become more attractive to women and a more popular person in general, Scent of Euros- Musk Fragrance is the answer. The scent of Euros- Musk Fragrance is made of ingredients that have been backed by scientific research.

The product also has no negative effects whatsoever. For you to reap maximum benefits, of course, you still need to continue going to the gym and taking care of yourself. Adding such personal efforts to the pheromones will help you stand out from the crowd.

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