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The Pherone Formula D-17X pheromones are very effective and last a long time when you use it.
You’ll get the edge when it comes to the ladies and your friends might struggle when they are around you.
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Have you ever wondered how some guys despite not having good looks and money still attract women?

To make matters worse, they may not even have a great personality that women admire.

So, what is it that still attract women in such guys?

The magnetism in them comes from their pheromones. Pheromones are chemical signals produced by a man. Once a woman receives these signals, she subconsciously gets attracted to the man without even knowing what is luring her to him.

In simple terms, the pheromone is the body’s natural way to generate attraction between opposite sex.

Pherone formula d 17x review

Everyone produces pheromones, however, they easily get washed away when we shower and use other scented products such as body lotions. This does not mean that you should not take a bath so as to maintain the pheromones and attract women.

It’s obvious that women will not get attracted to you if you have poor personal hygiene. The only way you can boost your natural pheromones and become a women magnet is by using pheromone sprays and pheromone colognes. Once you apply a pheromone perfume or cologne on yourself, you will become more receptive to women.

Pherone Formula D-17X is one of the top-rated pheromone colognes in the market. If you would like to know more about Pherone Formula D-17X and how you can use it to become a women magnet, read on.

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemical messengers produced by human bodies as well as other animals. The scent produced by the pheromones are instrumental when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. For example, in animals such as dogs, the males use pheromones to know that the female is in heat and it is time to mate. In some other animals, they use it to mark their territories and prevent other males from invading.

How Do Pheromones Work?

Over the years, there have been debates if human pheromones really work. However, scientists have recently proved their effectiveness in sexually attracting the opposite sex. Once a man produces the pheromones, the woman receives them through a highly sensitive organ located in the nasal cavity known as vomeronasal. Once vomeronasal pick up the pheromone signals, it sends them to the hypothalamus in the brain. Hypothalamus is part of the brain that regulates emotions, reproduction, hormones and sexual behavior.

Once the hypothalamus receives the signals, it causes increased heartbeat, the rise in body temperature as well as a change in breathing patterns. All these are signs of sexual arousal. The pheromones also increase confidence in men and the general sense of well-being. It makes the opposite sex more relaxed and comfortable around you.

The Pherone Formula D-17X Review

pherone formula d 17x reviewThe Pherone Formula D-17X is a product that creates a powerful attraction, especially to the opposite sex. The cologne is considered to be stable for beginners as well as experienced users. It incorporates synthesized pheromones in its formula which helps in facilitating the attraction process. The cologne produces an appealing scent that is both sweet and musky. Pleasing everyone around you is sure.

The cologne is pretty simple to use. Just apply it once or twice in some of your vital areas such as the chest and the neck. Once you apply the cologne, it will diffuse up to the nasal cavity of those surrounding you. As much as everyone around you will notice the pleasing scent, women are the only ones that will get to notice the pheromones. They will trigger her brain and heighten the feeling of attraction towards you. The product was given its name ‘Pherone Formula D-17X’ because of its aphrodisiac effects. This means that apart from attracting ladies, it also has the effect of making your relationship with them more exciting.

The product was created with the help of Dr. James V. Kohl, a pheromone expert, and famous author. Dr. James Kohl has been conducting extensive research about pheromones for over a decade. After publishing his book about pheromones, he wanted to come up with a product to complement his work. That’s how the Pherone Formula D-17X was created as his finished product. The Pherone Formula D-17X  was among the first pheromones cologne to be released in the market. The manufacturer, Luv Essentials has produced many other products since then, but Scent of Eros remains unbeaten.

The Pherone Formula D-17X pheromones is well packaged in a roll-on bottle for simple application. Users can get it in both scented and unscented versions. One of the best parts about this product is that the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee for an unsatisfied customer. Money-back guarantee means that the manufacturer is confident with his product and is willingpheromones really work to refund just in case it fails to deliver.

Ingredients Used In Pherone Formula D-17X Pheromone

This product has only used two different human pheromones, the Androstenol and Copulins. Androstenol is a social pheromone which gives a sense of friendliness, vigor, youthfulness, comfort, and relaxation to the user. It makes the user appear more masculine to women. It gives them the impression that they will be more secure and comfortable with you. They perceive you as a reliable alpha male.

On the other hand, Copulin is a strong sexual magnet. This is according to the manufacturer. As soon as you wear the cologne, you will notice that people around you will start behaving differently towards you. They will become more friendly, nicer and approachable. Even your worst enemy can become friendlier to you since Copulin enhances an individual’s appeal. You can use the cologne at work to make the environment conducive and friendlier. If you are among the people who would like to become the center of attraction, then this product is perfect for you.

How Does Pherone Formula D-17X Smell?

This cologne has a musky and pleasant smell that is reminiscent of old spice. However, since it doesn’t have high concentrations of pheromones, its smell is not overpowering. It is actually quite refreshing. Once you apply the cologne, the smell lasts quite a decent amount of time. It lasts some few hours longer than other average pheromone products.

How to maximize your results with pheromone

Pheromone is not only a powerful substance that brings an impact on how people perceive you, but also how you perceive yourself. Now that many people use pheromone, it is possible for them to get the benefits by simply using small amounts of cologne. Careful application with the right amount and in the right places will produce better outcomes. Excessive use of pheromone might make those around you irritated, and this might make them distant themselves from you. They could start treating you in ways that you do not expect from them. All this can be avoided if you use the right amounts and you apply them in the right places.

Most pheromone products give the best results with just 1-3 sprays or drops. However, there are other pheromone products which need more than that. But this is unusual, especially for products that are intended to attract the opposite sex. For the beginners, it is best to use pheromone sparingly with just a drop, and gradually build up the amount until you begin noticing the results.

Where to Apply Pheromones

The most suitable places to apply pheromones are areas where diffusion occurs easily. Ideally, you would want to put the pheromones on your warm body parts that get good circulation. You would also want to apply them in places where the pheromones can easily diffuse and be detected by your target woman. For instance, you may put them on your neck because that’s an area that is warm and it is well exposed for everyone to notice.

apply pheromones to neck

Another area that makes sense to apply your pheromone is the side of your jawline. This allows your pheromone to be smelled by those who are around you and you will also get the chance to smell them yourself thereby boosting your mood effects. Additionally, this is an area that you get to wash and shave regularly. Therefore it is easy to clean out the scent.

If you have short hair, you may apply your pheromone on your scalp. But if you have long hair or you use styling products frequently avoid putting them on your scalp. This is because the pheromones may seal in the styling products making them less effective or produce unpredictable effects in the longer term.

You can also apply the pheromones under your clothes. However, this means that those closest to you are the only ones who will notice the effects. In a way, this can be a good thing because it means people cannot get confused and associate the scent with someone else. It is also good to know that, if you decide to apply the pheromones onto your clothing they won’t disperse as quickly. Therefore, you will need to use more of the product to get the same results.

Does Pherone Formula D-17X have Any Harmful Effects?

With proper usage, Pherone Formula D-17X is very safe. Be sure not to ingest it, apply to the eyes, directly to your mucus membrane or on the groin area. If you follow all the instructions while using it, the product is completely harmless. It is also important that you apply the recommended amount. Using it in excess may result in undesirable effects or the opposite of its intended purpose.


  • Price – The Pherone Formula D-17X is one of the most affordable product in the market. It offers value for your money.
  • Smell – The smell is surprisingly refreshing. It is not overpowering or too musky.


  • Low Pheromone Content – The Pherone Formula D-17X only has 5mg of pheromones per bottle. This is quite low compared to other products.

Bottom Line: Is Pherone Formula D-17X Worth Purchasing?

There you have it, a comprehensive review of Pherone Formula D-17X. This product is with no doubt one of the most effective pheromone products in the market. The formula used to make it is proven and backed by scientific methods. The Pherone Formula D-17X is also very affordable and at the same time does not sacrifice on quality. Once you apply this cologne, it will last for hours. Thus you can rest assured of its maximum long-term effects.

I highly recommend this product especially if you are looking to attract attention from your dream girl. It’s well worth every penny!

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