The Best Pheromones Sprays for men 2020

This is how I rate the different pheromone sprays for men products.

The things I judge:

  • How effective is the product
  • Does it have a nice scent
  • How long does the effect last
  • Price of the product

This is the top 3 best pheromone sprays for men that I would recommend you.

The Pheromone sprays for men that I recommend

  1. Nexus Pheromone spray – This is a really good option that works very well, you can read my review of Nexus pheromones here.
  2. Chikara pheromone for men – It’s a bit more expensive then the Nexus and the reason why it’s not in the first spot. You can find my review of Chikara pheromone for men here.
  3. Pherone Formula D-17X – It’s a decent product but it’s not quite up there and the reason why it’s in the third spot. Read my review of the Pherone Formula D-17X here.

I would recommend that you buy the Nexus Pheromone spray and use it whenever you need extra attention from the girls

Buy Nexus Pheromones here

Want to know more about Pheromone sprays for men? Read below and get educated.

Let’s face it, girls are always attracted to those guys who look good, have money, drive a nice car and of course are fun to be around.

Guys that have more testosterone (alpha males) are not only more masculine but always seem to be more confident about themselves than the beta males.

best pheromones for men

Fortunately, with pheromones, men considered to be Beta males can feel more masculine and boost their confidence significantly as well. It helps you to erase the tension with women and allows them to trust you more. Pheromones are the natural scent produced by insects, animals, and humans to help them become more sexually attractive to the opposite sex. Everyone naturally produces pheromones within their bodies.

However, a majority of people don’t realize it. The thing is that the human body doesn’t produce enough pheromones in a way that those around us can notice it. To boost this effects, there quite a number of pheromones sprays in the market today that you can purchase. If you would like to learn more about pheromones sprays and how they are beneficial to you when it comes to attracting your ladies, then read on.

How do pheromones Sprays Work?

Women are subconsciously attracted to pheromones.

It triggers their physical and emotional response immediately making them more drawn to you.

Women that get affected by the effects of pheromones spray don’t even realize it. Most men naturally produce pheromones especially through their sweat and saliva, but most of them don’t produce enough to be noticed by their female counterparts.

This is where pheromones spray come into action. Pheromones sprays contain a formula that makes it easier for you to attract women by triggering their natural response.

Here is the science behind how pheromones spray work. The woman receives the scent produced by pheromone spray through the nose with the help of high sensory organ known as vomeronasal organ.

pheromones really work

This organ then sends the scent to the part of the brain called hypothalamus. Hypothalamus is the part of the brain responsible for regulating hormones, emotions, sexual behavior, and reproduction.

Since pheromones are the only scents transmitted to the brain, they impact a woman’s emotional and sexual behavior by inclining them more to the opposite sex.

Since your body does not produce pheromones strong enough to be noticed by the person next to you, it’s necessary to use pheromones spray to boost its effects.

What do Pheromones Spray Smell Like?

Pheromones have different types of smell depending on the part of the body secreting it. The smell that is produced by most pheromones products is not detectable meaning that you won’t smell like you are wearing any cologne.

However, there are still some other types of pheromones sprays that have a pleasant scent making ladies more attracted to you. When choosing your pheromones spray, keep in mind that a smell that may not smell as pleasing to another man may drive a woman crazy. So you should choose wisely by knowing exactly what you want.

How to make the Most out of Pheromones Sprays

There are countless pheromones perfumes available in the market today, and some of them can be quite costly. Perfumes cost a bit higher compared to colognes because they contain concentrated oils and last longer on the body. Typically, pheromones will last for about six to eight hours. It’s best for you to get the most out of your perfume.

apply pheromones to neck

So, if you would like to know how you can use your pheromones spray properly to get its full effects, here are some few tips:

  • Chose the Right Perfume – You should pick the best pheromones perfume that best suits your needs. Different pheromones spray deliver different signals to the recipient, so you should be sure of what you want. There are pheromones sprays meant to make friends and impress business partners. There are others meant for attracting women, dating or having a good sex life. So, first, you should know exactly what you want before purchasing the pheromones spray.
  • Apply Directly to Your Skin – For the perfume to have maximum effect on you, make sure that you apply it directly to your skin. This way, the scent will last for a longer period. It will also have an opportunity to mix with the natural body scent to produce a beautiful and unique aroma. However, be sure not to overdo your perfume otherwise it could have an opposite effect from what you intended. Just lightly mist yourself with the spray so that you don’t end up applying too much of it on yourself.
  • Apply on the Right Spots – To enjoy the full benefits of pheromones perfumes, you need to apply at the hottest areas of your body. Such areas include the armpits, neck, wrist and the small spot behind your ear. Heat from these areas of your body will make the perfume smell stronger and also enhance its effects.

The Best Pheromone Sprays for men

Nexus Pheromones

Nexus is one of the best pheromones spray in the market recommended for men.

It designed for men who are looking to improve their sexual and social life. It helps in enhancing the fragrance of you natural pheromone creating a unique fragrance that makes you more attractive to women. It also boosts your confidence and makes you feel more comfortable especially when you are meeting with strangers from the opposite sex.

Nexus pheromones are made using a blend of seven different ingredients that include:

  • Androsterone – Indicates dominance
  • Beta-androstenol – commonly known as the icebreaker pheromone
  • Alpha-androstenol – signals masculinity
  • Androstenone – Induces attraction
  • Androstadienone – Creates a powerful effect of masculinity
  • Epiandrosterone – Signals vigor and youthfulness
  • Androsterone – Increases sexual responsiveness

This spray contains pheromones compounds that affect the ovulation cycle of a woman, stimulating her senses and making her more attracted to you sexually. If you are looking forward to being extremely irresistible to a woman, this is the best spray to use. There are thousands of positive reviews about this product from the previous users, meaning that it tends to work so well for most people.

One of the best thing about this spray is that it has the ability to last for up to 10 hours. This is definitely high-end compared to other similar products. Most people using this spray get results almost instantly when it comes to attracting girls. If you are looking for a good pheromones spray that can produce results almost immediately, this is the best product by far.

Chikara pheromone spray

Chikara is also one of the most recommended brands when it comes to increasing sexual attraction from women.

This type of spray works in a way that it helps you get more dates, more sex and attract the woman of your dreams. In tests that were done recently, this product was shown to work for more than 90% of users.

Among other brands, Chikara contains one of the highest levels of pheromones. This product is created using high-quality pheromones. This means that you are sure you are going to get the value for your money. Chikara spray lasts for four to eight hours.

Pherone D-17X

Pherone D-17X is among the latest brands in the market that are increasingly becoming more popularly among users.

In order to appeal more to the users, the company has separated this spray for men, women, gay men and gay women.

According to users that have tried this product before, it works perfectly well, especially in social gatherings.

what are pheromones

Explanation of the Different Types of Pheromones Sprays

  • Alpha Pheromones for men – Are you looking to boost your confidence next time you have a presentation at work or any other social gathering? Or maybe you are preparing yourself to attend that important job interview. Well, the alpha pheromone is the best for such occasions. You will find that you are more confident than normal.
  • Sexual Pheromones – For you to be more animalistic and deeper towards your sexual partner, try using sexual pheromones. These type of pheromones are more intense and direct. If you are attending a social event and you want to attract a specific woman, sexual pheromones will come in handy for you. Just be warned about the attention you might get from other ladies you didn’t want to.
  • Social pheromones – If you are looking for something that can help you relax and appear fearless and a bit cool, social pheromones will help you do the trick. When you apply this type of pheromone spray, you will find that you impress almost everyone within your company. A good situation to use social pheromones spray is when you are having a gathering with your family, and your mother wants you to appear a bit friendly to the guest. Or maybe, you want to appear cool during a party at
  • Romantic Pheromones – Are you looking forward to taking that crucial step from being friends to something more? Well, romantic pheromones will help you out. Using this type of pheromone spray will have your

significant other be more attracted to you. You can also use it during a blind date to attract more attention from your date.

pheromone sprays for men

Bottom Line: Is Pheromones Spray Worth Purchasing?

As much as studies produce conflicting information about human pheromones, the fact remains that pheromone sprays are very effective and popular when it comes to attracting girls without applying significant efforts.

If you are currently struggling with low self-confidence and having girls to like you, pheromones spray is definitely worth purchasing.

Buying a pheromone spray may feel like quite an investment at first, but once you start experiencing its effects, you will notice that the cost is definitely worth it.