Pheromone oil for men – Improve your game

If you are looking for a way that you can improve your dating, pheromone oil for men are the most ideal option.

Pheromone oils are chemical signals produced by your body during social interaction.

These chemical signals are found in each and every species ranging from insects all the way to human beings.

There are many different kinds of pheromones that can be secreted by your body including:

  • Predator alertness pheromones
  • Food pheromones
  • Sex pheromones

Sex pheromones affect the opposite sex subconsciously.

They can help you attract a specific woman you’ve been fantasizing about.

attract girls with pheromone oil

You want to know more about that? Read on and  find the best pheromone oil for men.

What is Pheromone oil?

The word pheromone oil is commonly used to describe a certain type of chemical signal that can be picked by the some receptors in your nose (olfactory sensors), signaling primary things such as:

  • Sexual attraction
  • The presence of danger
  • Territory marking.

Pheromones were first discovered in the 1950’s by a Swiss entomologist and a German scientist.

The two scientists were carrying out experiments on termites. They were trying to establish the substance that termites secrete to make them attract each other. The two scientists found that the termites produced a certain substance that made others more alluring to them.

They then came up with the word pheromone to describe the substance produced.

termites pheromone oil for men

Termites where the reason scientists found pheromones

The word pheromone came from two Greek words “pherein” which means to carry and “hormone” meaning to excite. Over the years, different scientists carried out similar experiments on other animals including the human beings.

Numerous studies revealed that pheromones are also present in human beings. It is what members of the opposite sex use to attract each other subconsciously.

Pheromones come into two types:

  1. The first type is known as the primer – Primer pheromones influences behavior that is expected to take a long period. These behaviors include ovulation.
  2. The second one is known as the releaser pheromones – On the other hand, releaser pheromones are produced as a result of immediate behavior such as copulation.

It is also important to note that most pheromones have no particular scent.

So no one can detect if someone is wearing a pheromone oil. The reason why pheromones have no particular scent is that they work subconsciously. The scent is picked by the vomeronasal organ at a subconscious level.

How Do Pheromone oil work?

how does pheromone oil for men work?

Pheromones work after the chemical signals have being detected by the part of the nose known as vomeronasal. Vomeronasal is part of the nose found on the roof of the mouth that plays a major role in the detection of pheromones.

This section is indirectly connected to the olfactory system. Once the pheromones have been detected by the vomeronasal, they are sent to the limbic region of the brain.

This is part of the brain that is responsible for controlling emotions including sexual attraction.

The signals trigger this part leading to sexual attraction to the person producing the pheromones.

the human nose

The nose has a lot of functions other then sensing smell.

Pheromones are mostly produced through sweat. However, they are also produced by some other body fluids including saliva and urine.

This explains why animals such as dogs sniff around while trying to find their potential mates. This is also their way of asserting that they have claim over certain territories.

Each and every man releases pheromones signals.

However, the level of pheromones released by different men is not the same. Some men release more pheromones than others. This explains the reason why some men even though not good looking or rich, they still appear to be luckier with women.

As much as every man produces natural pheromones, in most cases, the levels are not high enough to be noticed by the women around them.

If you are such a person, all is not lost.

You can boost your levels by using pheromone oil for men

Pheromone oil for men is specially designed in a way that it combines the right amount of human pheromones so that you can be able to use it to attract your potential mate.

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The product I recommend is called Nexus Pheromones and it has a strong and long lasting effect that will last you all day.

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Do you want to know more about different pheromoe oils? Warning – It’s very boring and most men don’t care!

Different Types of Human Pheromones


This pheromone is predominantly known as a male pheromone because it creates an intimidating, aggressive, and dominant aura. Therefore, pheromone products that contain androstenone are likely to create an aggressive alpha impression, which may help you become the center of attention.

This pheromone can increase a man’s sexual vibe and increase his sexual tension because an aggressive alpha impression is often linked to sex and a good choice of mate. Additionally, this pheromone makes women become slightly intimidated by making you more attractive.

It has also been known to cause people to act more polite and respectful towards the wearer.


Pheromone products containing androstadienone can help to increase feelings of intimacy and create feelings of comfort.

Most men in long term relationships or married men choose products that contain higher levels of androstadienone in order to increase their feelings of intimacy and improve their love life with their mates.

Alpha Androstenol

Alpha androstenol is known to create a friendly approachable impression and can make the person wearing it seem less intimidating.

It is considered to be more of a neurotic chatty pheromone which touches more on empathy and romantic feelings. It also makes the wearer appear more healthy and youthful, which helps in creating an impression of reproductive fitness.

Beta Androstenol

It is known as B-Nol the trust pheromone. This pheromone creates the feeling of deep connection, the people around you tend to open up and trust you more.

Other people may feel like they have known you for a long time making them more comfortable with you. Beta Androstenol can open opportunities for deep conversation and rapport; it is often used to make the wearer feel approachable and less intimidating.


It is also known as RONE the status pheromone. It gives off the feelings of authority, status, wisdom, reliability, and trust. The wearer comes off as a respected person and associates him with a more peaceful alpha male who is more mature.

Ways that Pheromones Oil for Men can Help You Attract Women

Pheromones give women the impression that you are healthy

After the pleasant scent of pheromone makes its way to the woman’s behavioral center of the brain, the woman will interpret it based on specific criteria.

For instance, when a woman interpret a man’s pheromone scent as positive, this is interpreted as being healthy, fit and fertile. After interpreting the pheromones as being positive, then the woman can follow through on sexual response.

Pheromone oils for men use a specific type of pheromone that produces a specific scent of a fertile and healthy man.

Therefore, it means that when a man uses pheromone oils for men, he can be sure that the signal he produces is a positive one.

Pheromones help increase communication

Before choosing the woman you desire to date, you need first to get her into a conversation.

Pheromones have been proven to make a man more attractive to a woman; this leaves a greater chance of the woman approaching the man to start a conversation.

Engaging a woman in a conversation is one of the first steps to taking things a little further. It can also be a great opportunity for those men who are more insecure to learn more about involving women in a conversation and practicing their socializing skills.

Women will view you as the alpha male

Emitting pheromones into the air around you when the woman you are eyeing is nearby given her the perception that you are an alpha male.

An alpha male is a big kahuna, the top dog, the man that keeps things going on. Being viewed as the alpha male in a room full of other guys sets you apart, it makes you unique.

The woman will identify you as the strongest, healthiest, most desirable man around and the leader of the group. Women get attracted to such men in a heartbeat.

Sets off a sexual response

Not only do pheromones help with communication, but they also trigger a sexual response in women.

A man has glands in the armpits, navel and the genital zone that produce a clear liquid containing these pheromones.

These pheromones are released into the air and hit women noses including your target woman. When this happens, the pheromones bypasses the woman’s rational part of the brain and heads straight to the behavioral center.

Pheromones make men more interesting and funnier

With the release of pheromones, women can find men more interesting and funnier than ever. When a woman finds a specific man more interesting and funnier, she will naturally get attracted to him. These are the two top qualities that women claim to love in men. Pheromones can increase a man’s chances with women by creating this type of effect in women who smell this scent.

Are there other Pheromones products than oils?

Yes, you can also get them as a water-based liquid that used as a pheromone spray.

Enough boring information let’s take a look at some more options for the best pheromone oils.

best pheromone oil for men

Best pheromone oil products for men

Pheromone oil is one of the most common pheromone products. Pheromones oil for men come in scented or unscented versions.

The type of product you will choose depends on your own unique needs. Most pheromone oils will allow you to add your favorite cologne if you wish to.

Here is a brief look at some of the top-rated pheromones oils for men available in the market.

  1. Nexus Pheromone – Read my full review of Nexus Pheromones here
  2. Rawchemistry Pheromones – Read my full review of Rawchemistry Pheromoes
  3. AlphaMale Pheromones – Read my full review of AlphaMale Pheromones
  4. Scent of Eos Musk – Read my full review of Scent of Eos Musk

Bottom Line

If you have been struggling to attract women in your life, why don’t you try using pheromone oil for men?

Pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals that elicit sexual responses from women. They have been proven by numerous studies to be effective when it comes to impressing and attracting a woman.

Moreover, pheromones oil for men have no side effects whatsoever.

Most men who have previously used it have reported that they experienced positive results with the product they used.

You no longer have to rely on a pure chance or a stroke of luck to have a woman fall for you. All thanks to the proven of these sex attractants, you can now have more game than ever.

I would recommend you this article about the best pheromones for men if you want more information before you choose a product.

recommended pheromone oil for men