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This product was a real gamechanger for me when I first tried it. The scent is nice and subtle and it will fit most situations.
The attention I got from random girls where amazing and a real confidence booster.
You can get the same results if you try it out.
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  • Long lasting effect
  • Low price
  • Very effective

I recommend it to all men who want to boost their self-confidence
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The chances are that you’ve already heard about pheromones.

However, you might be wondering what they are and how they work. Pheromones are one of the greatest discovery made by scientists and has resulted in products like RawChemestry pheromones men’s cologne.

It gives us the secret on how to attract women and grab their attention. You’ve probably been wondering why you have not been able to attract women in your life or you always feel like you are not confident enough to approach them.

This is because you do not have pheromones level high enough to gain that confidence and become a women magnet.

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemicals signals produced by the body of which the smell tends to attract the opposite sex.

attract girls with pheromone oil

They are mostly concentrated in places such as in the urine, saliva, and sweat. Every man produces pheromones, but only a small percentage produces pheromones whose levels are high enough to be noticed by the people around them.

Also, those who produce high levels of pheromones, their effects are washed away by some of the daily activities we undertake. Such activities include bathing and applying deodorants. That is why it is recommended to use pheromone parfums and colognes to boost its effects.

Pheromones parfums are natural products which are easy to use. They smell like any other parfum, so no one will notice that you are actually wearing a pheromone parfum.

All that will be required of you is to just spray it on yourself just like any other parfum. Pheromones are the scientific reason why women get attracted to certain men and why they are not attracted to others. Pheromones are what draws a woman to you, and it’s what makes her to suddenly want to be close to you.

How do Rawchemistry pheromones men’s cologne work?

Rawchemistry pheromones men’s cologne

Many people ask themselves if pheromones actually work.

The simple answer to that question is yes they do.

Men release pheromones in the air via:

  • sweat
  • saliva
  • urine

Women receive the pheromones signals through an organ in the nose known as vomeronasal. This organ transmits the chemicals signals to the limbic region of the brain.

This is the part of the brain responsible for regulating emotions including sexual desires. Once this part of the brain has received the pheromones, they communicate subconsciously about the genetic makeup, physical state and the fertility of the man releasing the pheromones.

All these are in the hope of arousing the instinctive sexual response of a woman.

The use of human pheromones to attract women is not something new. The technique has been in use since decades ago. However, the technology of producing natural men’s parfum with an extra concentration of human pheromones has significantly improved.

Today, manufacturers are able to use modern technology and mix the right concentration of pheromones to yield maximum effects.

Pheromone Cologne by RawChemistry

pheromone by rawchemistryFor Him Cologne by RawChemistry for men is a pheromone cologne produced by RawChemistry to appeal and attract women. This cologne is a blend of human sex pheromones designed to amplify desirable social response from women.

The product is designed to last up to 10 hours after application. This is very desirable of this cologne since most similar products only last for a maximum of 8 hours. The manufacturer has used four main human pheromones to come up with this product. These pheromones include androstadienone, androstenol, androstenone, and androsterone.

All these human pheromones have positive effects when it comes to attracting women and building confidence.

For Him Cologne by RawChemistry utilizes a scientific formula proven in their Oregon based laboratory. The product doesn’t not only have an amazing scent, but it is also designed to target women attraction receptors within the brain. It also utilizes the silk-based moisturizing effect so that it can work well even with sensitive skin.

RawChemistry has applied the right concentration of pheromones in this product. It does not overwhelm a person’s scent of smell. It has utilized the right amount of aroma to mask the strong musk of pheromones without having to dilute it too much. This is something many brands out there fail to achieve.

They either have their pheromones levels too high to a point where it repels the people you’re looking to attract, or the aroma is too strong that it defeats the attracting effect of pheromones.

Effects of male pheromones on women

A man’s sweat contains a compound known as androstadienone. It is a component of testosterone which is highly concentrated in a male’s sweat. Also, it is an ingredient found in colognes and parfums that changes the mood of your opposite sex resulting in physiological and sexual arousal. Here are some of the effects of male pheromones on women.

  • Male pheromones can act as signals. This means that pheromones can cause your opposite sex to notice when you are near her and result in an immediate change in their behavior by stimulating certain parts of their brain.
  • Human pheromones can lead to a change in blood levels of a particular reproductive hormone known as a luteinizing This is the hormone that is involved in stimulation of ovulation on women. It causes women to experience sexual arousal as a result of the stimulation.
  • Male pheromones can also stimulate the increase in production of GnRH, which causes women to require skin to skin contact or kissing.
  • A man’s fresh sweat also contains pheromone androstenol which can be attractive to women.
  • It is also important to note that not all types of pheromones can result in a positive response sexually. Some of them must be applied properly to maximize their effect.
  • Other factors which can help in attracting women are a good personal sense of well-being, confidence, and good humor. When these factors are combined with the right pheromone scent, they can assist you to attract your potential mates.

get girls attention with pheromones

Use of Rawchemistry pheromones men’s cologne to achieve the best benefits

Pheromone in its artificial form is an incredible and effective invention in the parfum industry.

It helps people to get back their primitive nature of communication and to draw the attention of their opposite sex. Here are a few factors to consider before using pheromones which will result in utmost benefits.

  • Avoid putting it on the scalp – Do not apply your pheromones on your scalp in case you have long hairs. This is because the products which you use for maintaining your hair will suppress the pheromone effect. You may apply it on your clothes but do not forget to use a little more compared to the amount you apply directly to your body parts. Applying pheromones on your cloth will be an added advantage since the receptors will easily identify who is releasing the scent.
  • Correct spot – Finding the best spot to apply your pheromones is important for achieving the utmost benefits. You cannot expect more results with more amounts, on the other hand, using fewer amounts may go unnoticed by people around you. For the beginners, it is recommended that you start with one drop and slowly increase the drops as per requirements. Normally, 1-3 drops are enough for achieving the expected result.
  • Correct body part – Find the correct body part to apply your pheromone so that the receptor can easily receive the scent and get attracted to your personality. The best places to apply your pheromones to get the maximum effects are the neck, side of the jawline or scalp for those with short hair. These body parts are warm, and the pheromones get easily diffused.
  • Prevent being stressed out – Being mentally fit is just as important as being physically fit. Use of pheromone products while you are stressed out and lacking the peace of mind may be worthless. Some people complain of being stressed out because of regular use of the product. They cannot concentrate on the impact of the product and end up feeling depressed. In such instances taking vitamin B supplement can be immensely beneficial because it helps in enhancing mental strength and improve concentration.
  • Improve your personality – The impact of the pheromone product not only depends on the quality of the product. The combined result of your efforts and the product’s effectiveness will provide an outstanding outcome. At first, people may get attracted to you because of the product, however, to sustain their interest you have to work on your personality. Therefore, ensure you improve on some of the basic skills such as dressing appropriately, communication skill and smart talk.
  • Maintain proper hygiene – Practicing proper body hygiene will help you to maintain the right amount of pheromone. This is because most people release a lot of natural pheromone which when they get mixed with artificial pheromone will result in overdose and unnecessary wastage of the product. Therefore, taking a shower at least once a day is beneficial for both your general health and achieving the expected results.

pheromone by rawchemistry review

Final thoughts about Rawchemistry pheromones men’s cologne

Most men think money and good looks is what attracts women to men.

Yes, these factors might play a role, but it is very minimal.

The major factor that makes women get attracted to men is the chemistry and confidence. Pheromones take care of the chemistry part as well as the confidence. This is because when you wear a pheromone parfum, you will know that any woman that approaches you is already interested in you.

This boosts your confidence since you know you have already attracted the woman in front of you despite what you will say.

There is no other better product to boost your pheromones than Rawchemistry pheromones men’s cologne. This parfum is arguably the best selling Pheromones in the market.

It delivers exactly what it promises. So if you are looking to become luckier with women, then Pheromone Cologne by RawChemistry is worth purchasing.

I recommend Rawchemistry pheromones men’s cologne

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