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Nexus Pheromones are a good choice if you’re after a pheromone spray for men.
This is all you need to get the attention of the girls.
Just apply the Nexus pheromones to your neck area and enjoy the extra attention.
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You’re a handsome but lonely man. You’ve tried chasing your dream girl, but you keep on failing.

It has been like this with many other girls in your life.

The more you try chasing them, the more they run away from you.

And there is nothing wrong with you: you’re rich, you drive a nice car, and you are well built. If you’ve gone through such an experience, you are not alone. Millions of men across the globe always face a hard time trying to impress ladies.

get girls attention with pheromones

However, the case is not similar for everyone. The chances are that you’ve seen men who seem to have no trouble at all attracting women. Some of these men might not even be as good looking and might not even be as rich.

You keep on wondering why your dream girl would choose a man with a criminal face over you. Well, as much there are quite a number of things girls consider while choosing a man, there is a powerful weapon these men have that you may not know about and that is pheromones. Every man produces pheromones, but the levels are not high enough to make them get noticed by the women.

That’s where pheromones spray comes to your aid. For you to boost your pheromones level, you need a good pheromones spray. Nexus Pheromones is one of the best in the market. This article is going to take a deeper look at the Nexus Pheromones.

What are pheromones?

Pheromones are chemical signals emitted by men (and also women) and have a significant influence on human sexual behavior. Every man produces pheromones, but not everyone produces the same pheromones. In fact, they greatly vary from one person to another. The type of pheromones your body emits says a lot about you.

They carry signals about your genetic composition, overall health and even talks a lot about your emotional state. Again, this information is not transmitted on a conscious level.

So a woman will not just look at you and know all about you. She has to receive signals from the pheromones in your body. Women have been known to react with feelings of attraction, comfort and sexual arousal when they detect a man whose pheromones are associated with health, good genes and strength.

The word pheromone was first introduced in 1959 by two scientists namely Martin Luscher and Peter Karlson. It comes from the Greek word ‘pherein’ which means to bear and ‘mone’ which means to excite.

It was first used to explain the behavior from animals, and insects attract the opposite sex for mating. Animals also use pheromones to mark their territories and keep other animals from invading their space. Pheromone was discovered in human by a scientist known as Alex Comfort.

pheromones really work

How Does Pheromone Work?

The human body naturally produces pheromones through various ways. The most common way of its production is through sweat. The pheromones are diffused in the air and subconsciously detected by a woman. A woman receives the chemical signals induced by pheromone through a highly sensitive sensory organ found inside the nose known as vomeronasal.

Once vomeronasal receive the chemical signals, it sends them to the part of the brain called hypothalamus. This is the part that influences social and sexual behavior. Once the signals reach the brain, the hypothalamus releases emotions of desire, arousal, sex drive, and pleasure.

In simple terms, pheromones can trigger chemical that makes one appear more sexually attractive to the opposite sex. When a woman detects pheromone on you, she will instantly become sexually attracted to you without even realizing it.

Everyone produces pheromones. However, due to some of the activities we undertake on our day to day life such as bathing and applying different scented products on our bodies, the natural pheromone is easily washed away.

The only way to boost your pheromones level and attract the woman of your dream is by using pheromones sprays. Nexus pheromone is one of the best and reliable pheromone sprays available in the market. It can replace all the washed away pheromones from your skin getting you back in your most natural state.

apply pheromones to neck

Nexus Pheromone Review

Nexus PheromonesNexus pheromone has been available in the market for quite some time now. Although there are countless pheromone products currently in the market, Nexus has managed to remain at the top. This is mainly because of the extensive scientific study that was involved in making it plus countless success stories from previous users. If you are looking to attract more women into your life, Nexus will help you achieve that without necessarily putting much efforts.

Nexus pheromone is as a result of extensive scientific research from some of the brightest minds, and it took more than 12 years to complete. In fact, one of the creators of this product is a multiple award-winning pheromone scientists known as Dr. James Kohl. Currently, Dr. James Kohl is the Director of Product Development for the FDA certified manufacturing facility. This is where Nexus is blended, tested and bottled for thousands of users across the globe.

Nexus has perfected the art of mixing some of its powerful chemical ingredients to come up with the most effective pheromone spray in the market. All that will be required for you to attract your dream woman is apply it on some of your ‘pulse points’ such as the neck and chest. It only takes three sprays of Nexus for you to experience its amazing results that last up to ten hours. You can wear the spray alongside your favorite cologne for maximum results.

Ingredients Used in Nexus Pheromone

Nexus pheromone is a blend of seven human pheromones. Each of these ingredients affects the female brain in a specific and unique way. Here is a breakdown of each of them:

  • Androsterone – This type of pheromone signals dominance. It is one of the alpha males. It makes women perceive men as more masculine. It also makes women heighten their mood. If you wear androsterone, you can expect women to perceive you as being more physically and sexually attractive.
  • Androstadienone – Androstadienone also commonly referred to as ‘the love pheromone’ is a great pheromone to use when you are looking for an emotional connection with women. It makes them appear caring and heightens their sexual awareness. The pheromone prompts them to want to be closer to you and wants to touch you. It brings a feeling of comfort and intimacy to them. Androsterone makes you appear masculine, and it’s mainly used for sexual intercourse. However, androstadienone is used to create a feeling of genuine love and intimacy.
  • Alpha-androstenol – This type of pheromone helps in making women feel more comfortable when they are around you. It is classified as a powerful sex pheromone. It is one of the best pheromones to use when a woman wants to be sexually involved with you. It helps in heightening her feeling of intimacy.
  • Beta-androstenol – Beta-androstenol is commonly referred to as the icebreaker. It makes women want to approach you. It makes women feel more friendly and relaxed around you. It is great for you using it around women who are a bit shy.
  • Androstenone – This type of pheromone signifies dominance. It is one of the alpha males. Androstenone was the first molecule to be discovered by scientists. The pheromone is responsible for sexual attraction. It makes you appear more attractive to women eye, and it increases sexual desire.
  • Androstenone – This type of pheromone has a masculine and powerful effect on men. It makes women feel at ease at the first encounter. So, if you are looking forward to impressing your dream girl during your first date, this is the best pheromone to use.
  • Epiandrosterone – Epiandrosterone makes men appear more youthful. It is best for men who would like to appear younger than their actual age.

Benefits of Using Nexus Pheromone

Nexus pheromone allows us to exploit the sexual indicators that have existed in our bodies for thousands of years. It makes you appear more desirable, healthy and rich than you actually are in reality. By using this spray, you will be able to attract more women sexually. It allows you to become that desirable man of their dreams that they simply can’t resist.

The spray also helps in boosting your confidence especially when you are around women. It gives you a great scent that makes it hard for women to ignore you. Building inner confidence is one of the most important aspects of a person. It makes women trust you more and feel comfortable around you. Using Nexus pheromone regularly will significantly help you boost your confidence in a significant way.

Moreover, Nexus pheromone will make you appear youthful and fun. Most girls especially the younger ones like being with someone who is fun to be around. It will definitely help you in making ladies turn their heads towards. However, it will still be up to you to step up your game and seal the deal. You will be required to communicate and display the confidence you are getting from the Nexus Pheromones

Other additional benefits of Nexus pheromone includes:

  • It’s safe and natural
  • A single spray will produce amazing results for up to 10 hours
  • It has a pleasant smell on top of the pheromones that it contains
  • It enhances masculinity
  • It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee
  • It attracts some discounts with bulk buying


Before you can give Nexus pheromone a try, it is important that you keep some few things in mind. Here are some of them:

  • The product will be a bit costly for you if you purchase just a single bottle instead of a few.
  • You might end up attracting too many women even those that you do not desire
  • Nexus pheromone is not a magic potion. You will still need to put some efforts for you to get ladies. It only makes the process easier.

Does Nexus Pheromone has Any Side Effects?

Nexus Pheromone is very safe to use. Currently, there are no any side effects that have been registered. The product is manufactured by an FDA- registered and cGMP- compliant manufacturing company.

Nexus Pheromones review

Bottom Line

While the scent that men produce naturally to attract women may be powerful, it can be reduced every time they take a bath and apply different colognes and lotions.

Nexus Pheromones will allow men to feel more confident about themselves and attractive to women.

It is a quality product that brings together seven powerful pheromones among other ingredients. It works subconsciously on women and makes it easier for them to approach you romantically. I recommend it for guys especially the ones who would like to boost their confidence levels and attract women.

If you are a man and have been having a hard time attracting ladies, you can do it the natural way using Nexus Pheromones spray.

The Nexus Pheromones has been voted best Pheromone for men in 2021 and the best pheromone spray.

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