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Marilyn Miglin pheromones for men is the cheapest product that I’ve ever coverd on and it does work pretty well.

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Do you ever wonder if there is an easy way to attract women?

Do you ever find yourself confused as to what women want or what they find attractive from a man?

  • Is it power?
  • Is it a well-toned body?
  • Is it money?

Well, the truth is that it may be one of these things.

However, you can never know exactly what it is before you engage your target woman in a conversation.

The good news is you can attract women without having to engage them in a conversation to know what they want.

While all these might be important in the long run, you might want to start with something simple that will help you become women magnet. Extensive research has revealed that human pheromones have the ability to subconsciously sexually attract the opposite sex.

attract girls with pheromone oil

Every man produces pheromones but the levels are not high enough for most men to be noticed by women around them. Research shows that healthy, fit and masculine men tend to produce more pheromones preferred by women, unlike overweight, out of shape men.

Since a majority of men don’t produce high levels of natural pheromones, they can boost them using pheromone parfums. Marilyn Miglin Pheromone is among the best pheromone cologne available in the market.

What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are natural chemicals produced by human beings as well as animals through the skin so that they can be able to communicate with members of the same species.

The communication can be of different reasons but the most common especially among animals is to cohabitate peacefully and also avoid each other in a peaceful way.

For example, most animals use pheromones to mark their territories and let other animals know where they have chosen to situate. Many people who own pets understand this process.

termites pheromone oil for men

Termites where the reason scientists found pheromones

The same process used by animals can be used by men to attract women.

This process deals with the sense of smell.

However, just because pheromones are transmitted through the sense of smell does not mean that you will be able to know how they smell. Pheromones work subconsciously. For example, pheromones can make a woman know which man is more physically stable, fertile and can be able to bare children.

This explains why women actually enjoy the smell of sweat since it makes them know that the man is physically able to do the necessary work.

Marilyn Miglin Pheromone Review

Marilyn Miglin pheromones for menMarilyn Miglin Pheromone for men is a vibrant, complex and alluring pheromone parfum that was released into the market back in 1980. The parfum has used some high-end ingredients that include human pheromones.

Once you apply a spray or two of the parfum, you will have the ability to attract people around you especially women. This parfum was founded by a lady known as Marilyn Miglin, who has been recognized as one of the top 500 female business owners in the U.S.

Marilyn Miglin founded her beauty empire in 1963 and after years of extensive research she came up with the Marilyn Miglin Pheromone for men.

The parfum is made in a way that it has a long-lasting effect on the user. It can last up to 10 hours. Most parfums only last for about 6 to 8 hours.

The ingredients used in this parfum are said to have the ability to create a trusting, positive and passionate environment around the user. In simple terms, the parfum is said to make other people easily trust you and give you a positive attention and attraction. People always seek such kind of attention in certain environments such as in business meeting and during romantic dates.

Marilyn Miglin Pheromone is very easy to apply. All you need to do is spray it to some of the best spots in your body. These are the areas that are able to spread the parfum faster to the surrounding people.

Such areas include the armpit. To reap the maximum benefits of this parfum you need to apply the right amount. If you are just starting out on this parfum, a spray or two is enough.

If you have been using it for quite some time, you can increase the number of sprays depending on your specific needs.

Places to apply pheromones for the best effects

It is unfortunate that pheromones are a little more selective than regular fragrance products when it comes to how to apply them. Usually, pheromones are applied on pulse points around the body.

These are points which produce the most heat and can diffuse your pheromones more effectively. Here are a few places to apply your pheromones for the best effects.

  • Wrists – Wrists are one of the most common places to apply pheromones. You simply apply small amounts of pheromone to the inside of your wrist and rub your wrists together in a circular motion. You may add whatever scent you are covering the pheromone product with on top if you are using the unscented pheromones. Your wrists are one of your pulse points, which is a place that releases slightly more heat than normal. The heat produced helps to activate your pheromone product and fragrance allowing you to smell good throughout your day.
  • Jugular or On Adams Apple – Applying your pheromones on your neck is great since it produces a lot of heat hence providing the best self-effects. It also works great when you are going for a date and your potential mate leans in closer to get a scent of the pheromones.
  • Jawline – The jawline is another good spot to apply your pheromones because it helps with self-effects. It gives the pheromones some extra oomph when you are with a pheromone target. The jawline is a favorite spot perfect when you’re on a date and up close and personal.
  • Chest – If you are expecting to get some hugs from your potential mate on that date, applying one or two dabs/sprays of pheromones on your chest can turn you into a magnet. When the opposite sex comes in for a hug and you have applied some pheromones on your chest, they will not want to let you go.
  • Hair or Scalp – If you have short hair, bald or have a part of your scalp that is exposed then that can be a great spot to apply your pheromones. Your head produces a lot of heat, however, this is not recommended if you use hair products such as wax or gel because pheromones may get trapped inside.
  • Inside of Exposed Knees or Elbows – Inside of your knees or elbows can be a perfect spot to apply pheromones, depending on your type of clothing. It can be a great place to apply pheromones if you are wearing shorts or a short-sleeved shirt. It is also a perfect spot especially if you are in a social situation such as a club or a dance where you may be sweating a lot. You may not want to apply too much pheromone to a more obvious place since they can mix up with your sweat and result in bad body smell. Also, inside of your knees and elbows are a bit far away from other people’s noses, this allows you to be a little more subtle with your pheromone power.
  • Back of Your Neck – This is also a good place for diffusion, however, you will achieve minimum self-effects since it is often projected around and beside you and not in front of you.  This can be a good way of avoiding negative effects of good pheromones such as androstadienone.
  • Ankles and Thighs – Ankles and thighs can work best for men and be very effective depending on the situation. Just like your knees and elbows, you can apply pheromones on your thighs and ankles if you are wearing shorts and your legs are exposed. Similar to knees and elbows, applying pheromones to your thighs and ankles can offer a more subtle effect that is appropriate for several different social situations.
  • Clothing – In case you do not want to apply pheromones to your skin, you may spray them lightly on the collars and cuffs of your clothes. However, you need to ensure that you apply small amounts or you may end up staining your clothes. Clothes can increase the diffusion of your pheromone and offer a longer working time for your product. However, it is not as dense as it would be if you applied it to your skin and people may fail to identify the person wearing it. So, you will have to apply more pheromone product to get the same effect you would get if you applied it on the skin.
  • Behind Your Ears – Applying small amounts of pheromones behind your ears can be extremely effective especially if you are expecting to be close to your date. Pheromones will be effective at this spot because they will be combining with your natural scent creating a unique smell. Again, this is a pulse point that allows your pheromones to stay longer and stronger throughout the day.

Bottom Line

Marilyn Miglin Pheromone is with no doubt one of the best men pheromone perfumes available in the market. The parfum was formulated after an extensive research that took more than a decade.

Marilyn Miglin Pheromone also has been in the market for quite some time and it has a lot of positive reviews from its previous users. Most of them say that they were able to attract the woman of their dream with this parfum.

If you are looking to attract women in your life, then this is the product for you.

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