Task Forces

BCAC works through two Task Forcesour Community Task Force and our Public Policy Task Force.

Each Task Force is an active, working collaborative composed of parents, community leaders, clergy, service providers, and government representatives. Task Force members gather throughout the year to identify and prioritize emerging and critical issues facing our children and families. The Task Forces work in tandem to address community needs.  To better understand the Task Force interactions, download the information flow chart.

The Community Task Force functions as the eyes and ears of Bridgeport families. Members bring issues that they are experiencing in their homes, neighborhoods, schools, social service agencies, and elsewhere to the table. They then mobilize on these issues by generating homegrown solutions and organizing the community to be a local voice for children and their families.

The Public Policy Task Force brings the challenges faced by Bridgeport children and families to the attention of local, state, and federal policy makers. Working with the Community Task Force to define and understand the issues, members of the Policy Task Force advocate for the laws, policies, and funding that will support our childrens well-being.

To bring about positive change for Bridgeports children and families, the Task Force members work together on:

  • Research and data gathering
  • Community planning
  • Community education
  • Advocacy
  • Community mobilization

Join us! If youd like to get involved and mobilize for children and families, contact us at 203.368.5644 to learn more about joining a Task Force.

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