In Bridgeport, Suspensions Are Too Common

Suspensions have serious consequences. Research shows that attempts at curbing future misbehavior through suspensions is counterproductive and has aided the school-to-prison pipeline. Realizing how many Bridgeport children were getting suspended from school, we had to take action. In the Bridgeport Public School system, BCAC found: 

  • 1 out of every 10 students are given out-of-school suspension.  
  • Elementary and high school students lost a combined 11,962 days of class time due to out-of-school suspensions. 
  • African American students represent 36.8% of the District, but they make up 52.6% of students suspended out-of-school. 

While significant changes for the better have been made, there is still a critical amount of work to be done. Join us in changing the rhetoric. Our children deserve the best. 

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