Board of Directors

BCACs Board of Directors is composed of individuals who have demonstrated an inspired committment to the well-being of Bridgeport children and families. Parents, grandparents, community leaders, educators, and business leadersBCACs directors represent the diversity of our community and provide a strong voice for children.


Scott K. Wilderman, Chair
Stanley Bernard, 1st Vice Chair and Secretary
Peter H. Roberge, Treasurer


Gwendoline Alphonso, Ph.D
Edith B. Cassidy                Diane Crawford-Tyner      Robert Francis
Maria Geigel
Linda Goldenberg
Saleh Hanaif
William J. Hass, Ph.D.
Margaret Hiller

Salvatore J. Mollica
Nadine Nevins
Frances Newby
Jane Norgren
Gina LeVon Simpson
Linda S. Smith, MS
Tanya Rhodes Smith
Preston C. Tisdale, Esq.
Katherine S. Yacavone



The Late Janice Park